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Happy Wheels 2

happywheels1This is the second edition of the very catchy and exciting flash game. It has a variety of changes and upgrades to the first installation, but they still maintain the best factors about the original game. The game still has its funny theme songs that play in the background as you maneuver the course. The controls are also fairly easy to use as you basically just use a few buttons on the keyboard and your mouse.The objective of the game is to get to the finish line and collect as many points as possible. This dual purpose game objective will make you not just want to get to the finish line faster, but also make you take more risks during the game. There are many obstacles in the game and you really have to concentrate to get through the course without your character loosing their head or losing a limb as you ride along.The game has also improved in the speed of the bikes. You can now move a lot faster than in the previous game.

The creators of the game have maintained some of the best characters from the previous game and also added more characters.The graphics of this game are great. The game thrives to be one of the most gruesome, bloody flash games on the internet right now. With the new game, the blood graphics are well enhanced and sometimes you feel like you should crush intentionally just to see these gruesome accidents.There are many new levels for you to experience, each level has its own rewards and an imaginative way to maneuver the finish line. This is one of the best features of the new game as it you really need you to concentrate and pay attention to details.This is really an interesting and fun game that is sure to captivate your attention and creativity as you play it.